Welcome to The Confident Creative Club

Unleash your creative confidence and take practical steps toward your writing and creative dreams.

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Do you dream of becoming a writer or creative?

Are your fears and lack of confidence stopping you from pursuing your creative goals?

Come and join us, a warm and welcoming creative community, to build your creative confidence and take practical steps towards your writing dreams.

The Club has masterclasses, challenges, live writing sessions, Coffee Chats and Q&As to help you understand your procrastination, your fears and lack of self-belief and to encourage you to start taking small, but practical steps, towards your creative goals.

Coming this September 2022 - the autumn challenge.

Virtual Mindset or Technical Masterclass once a month.

Eight Live Magical Writing Sessions per week via Zoom and Google Meet.

‘Coffee Sessions’ for chats and community support.

A warm and welcoming community support area on Mighty Networks.

Join our Medium writing account.

Free access to The Red Fern Insider - the paid subscriber element of my Substack newsletter. 

Take part in our self-published anthology. 

The only place you can get one-to-one mentoring sessions with me at a massively reduced cost (£30 for 60-80 minutes).

Direct access to me five days a week.

A supportive, inspiring and friendly environment where we celebrate everyone’s successes.

A mixture of complete beginners and more experienced creatives with members from the UK, Italy, Germany, the United States, New Zealand and Canada. 

A weekly letter.

Why You Should Join Us

The Confident Creative Club is for anyone who feels there is something creative inside them but is struggling to find it due to fear, lack of self-belief, guilt, comparison or procrastination. 

It's for writers, photographers, artists, crafters and lots more (even if you feel you cannot call yourself one of those yet). It's for people like you. Yes, you.

For the person who believes they have no talent. The person who thinks the Internet is too noisy already without adding their voice to the mix. The person who believes they are undeserving of a creative life.

For the person who'd secretly like to write a book one day. For the person who'd like to sell their art on Etsy.

Joining a group is incredibly scary. Especially if you believe you're not good enough or that 'it's not for the likes of you'. 

But this is exactly who the Club is for. 

For you.

This is what current members of The Confident Creative Club have to say:

“Honestly, since the Club started I’ve never felt like I’m more in a club! Less alone in writing. Feel connected. More confident even. More accountable absolutely.”

“You inspire me to find my confidence and to not ‘stay small’.”

“I just feel the creative process opening up for me in a way it never has before.”

“Helen is an amazing mentor for creatives like myself. It’s really inspiring whenever I get to spend time with her.”

How much you could achieve with a supportive community by your side?

Simply click on the membership plan below. You can pay monthly or get two months free when you pay annually.